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Kathleen's Show - Transformations 2013

Kathleen's Art

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Recent updates

My friend, Kathleen Gabriel, will be showing paintings and photo works at the Kirkfield Ontario Lion's Club Community Centre on May 17 and May 18, 2014. Kirkfield is a village located in the Kawartha Lakes district about one and one half hour north of Toronto and east of Lake Simcoe on Highway 48.


I have three blogs with Google. See for my investment blog, for comments on investing and ecomony, mostly and see for my book review blog.

My investment blog is mainly about investing in Canadian dividend paying companies. I have been investing in stocks and other things since the '70's. For a list of the stocks I have covered so far, use the Stocks button on the left. I have put up spreadsheets on a number of stocks that I have commented on in my Blog.


I am into genealogy. I have put up my pedigree and some family photos. If you click on any family name, you will find the photos.

The Rye button will give you information on who is buried in the Rye Cemetery. This is where some of my relatives are buried. I will try to put up more photographs when I have the time. This is a very small area in Lount Township in the Parry Sound District.

The Powassan button will take you to Jamie Toeppner' wonderful site on the small town of Powassan in the Parry Sound District. See Wikipedia for a history of this town.


Under the Friends section, I have put in buttons to take you to the websites of friends of mine to show you what they are up to.

If you click on the Barb button, you will go to Barb's new site for purchasing perfume.

Kathleen is an artist friend of mine. Click the button and you will be taken to see some wonderful art.

Yvonne Rose is a certified Art Therapist, New Decision Therapist, and Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. Click on her button and you will be taken to her site.

UK Connexion is a meetup group I belong to. It is for adults 45+ and we go out to pubs, meet for dinner and have other outings.

Privacy, Copyright and Disclaimer

First, I have added a section on Privacy to this site, because of the implications of the Google Ads. I know of no such implication on any other ads on this site. I have also added a page on Copyright and disclaimer information concerning any stock shown on my site. See Other information below.

Advertising on This Site

Yes, this new site does have advertising on it, at least it will when I get going on updating it. I am hoping to at least cover the costs of purchasing a web site. Having a purchased web site gives me more flexibility. It also gets rid of the annoying little boxes put on my site by Rogers/Yahoo. However, if I do not make money on this the web site, so be it.

I have signed up with Amazon to put advertising on my site for their books. This was very simple. After you sign up with them, and you sign on, you go to what you want to advertise, in my case books I reviewed, and they generate code for your web site. You just cut and paste the code in. This was great. However, I found that I had signed up for, not, so I have recently gone back and updated my site for stuff from Apparently, Canadians cannot buy from, but must go to

I have lately been trying to put Google ads on my site. This has been lots of fun. It took me a few days to figure out how to do this. Amazon was extremely simple, but not Google. However, I finally got a Google ad on the first page of my. Google is supposed to put up ads in line with what you write. However, so far all the ads have been in German. I guess this is a reference to my German last name of Brunner. I am going to try to put this on other pages and see what happens.